Coronavirus: the joy of health workers during the deployment of the first reminders



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Image caption: Authorities hope the outbreak can be brought under control by the start of the Golden Week holiday

Chinese health officials say more than 200 cases of Covid-19 have now been confirmed in southeastern Fujian Province.

Since the weekend, there has been an outbreak of the virus in three cities: Xiamen, Putian and Quanzhou.

More than half of them are in Putian, a city of 2.9 million people. There have been clusters of cases in kindergartens and primary schools. Local officials told a press conference today that more than 40% of patients are under 12 years old.

A large-scale testing campaign was launched across the province targeting “all teachers, students and school staff in Fujian Province.”

Official media today are showing images of kindergarten students as young as seven months old receiving Covid-19 tests.

China instantly locks down communities when cases of Covid-19 are identified and performs multiple rounds of tests to identify anyone who is asymptomatic.

Earlier this week, state media called the latest outbreak “serious and complicated.” Many schools have suspended classes and people are encouraged not to travel unless necessary. Non-essential businesses have closed in sensitive areas.

However, authorities hope that China’s swift approach will bring this outbreak under control by the start of Golden Week (October 1), the second period of travel and tourism after the Chinese New Year.


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