City of Holyoke Celebrates Puerto Rican Culture with Festival Weekend

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Holyoke kicked off a celebration of Puerto Rican culture and heritage with a festival in Open Square.

The last time the Fiestas Patronales festival was held was in 1993 through state representative Carlos Gonzalez.

“Diversity is our strength, our language, it doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish, English, Polish, coming together is a powerful message because, one community, one unity, one Holyoke, one Massachusetts and one United States of America”, González said. .

The festival marking a historic moment for all Latinos across the Commonwealth. The event also honors Mayor Joshua Garcia who is Holyoke’s first Latino mayor.

“You see so many different generations coming together, it’s a powerful message that we are one community, one family,” Gonzalez continued. “And to see not just the wreaths of Puerto, but the French community, the Irish community, the Polish community that have been here before us, coming together to celebrate Holyoke with a Puerto Rican mayor, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Fiestas Patronales is one of the largest area Latino events ever held in Western Massachusetts. It contains everything that is Latin! And the community has been celebrating since Thursday evening.

Las Fiestas Patronales de Holyoke offer the LatinX community a chance to come together through lively music, dancing, food and more.

“That’s what we want, we want to bring our music, we want to bring our traditions to everyone in the community,” said Puerto Rican musician Jesus Pagan. “All the Latinos come to see what Puerto Rico is and these Fiestas Patronales, it’s a bit Puerto Rican here in Holyoke, Massachusetts.”

The festivities aren’t over yet! This Sunday is the last day, so Alza la Bandera Puertorriqueña!

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