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Britons spend around five million pounds on holiday every year. Channel 5 followed a series of sun-seekers at the seaside resort of Guitart in Spain.

Just two hours from Barcelona, ​​thousands of holidaymakers flock to the resort town on Spain’s Costa Brava.

Based in Lloret de Mar, the hotel welcomes more than 2,000 customers at a time who can consume 500 bottles of spirits each week.

Each year, as many as 60,000 guests come to the hotel to experience the classic all-inclusive lifestyle.

This year, love was in the air when hotel staff prepared a wedding banquet for a lucky Spanish couple.

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Rob, Kerry and their children were on a family moon after getting married at their home in Surrey and watched the married couple.

Although they thought the bride was beautiful, Rob said Kerry looked even more beautiful on her wedding day.

Another unusual romantic celebration took place at the resort in this week’s episode.

Dave and Helen from Coventry were engaged but not yet married after struggling to pay for their wedding.


Dave said: “We had to postpone even though we didn’t really want to.”

The couple decided to book a vacation instead of saving up for their big day. However, they decided to have their own mini wedding on the Spanish beach.

They used a snorkel as a sail and anklets for the rings. With a willing bridesmaid, the couple was ready for their fake wedding.

Although their substitute celebrant asked for ice cream for her services, the couple quickly got away.

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But while some guests felt the love, others felt the resort was much more family-friendly.

A guest said, “Pure fun for the kids!

Another added: “As it’s a hot country and you’re chasing three kids, you just don’t have much energy.”

The hotel had plenty of facilities for children including a huge range of swimming pools and a kids club.

While most of the guests were there for a holiday to remember, some couldn’t help but miss the comforts of their home and have a classic British whine.

One said, “I miss being able to sleep in and not worry about missing breakfast!”

Some parents were disappointed to learn that their children were missing their toys and XBoxes at home.

Other families were happy to share a vacation together because they didn’t see each other much.

The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort is on Channel 5 at 10 p.m. on Sundays.

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