Celebrate Filipino Culture at the 27th Annual Festival of the Philippines

The Filipino American community in Colorado is hosting its 27th annual Philippine Festival on June 11-12, 2022. The festival, which commemorates the independence of the Philippines from Spain in 1898, is free, open to the public and features the best of our heritage: delicious cuisine, exciting music and dancing, and Filipino hospitality. Denver7 is proud to support this event, which also features performances by guest artists, as well as concession vendors and fun activities for young people.

The Filipino American community in Colorado has a rich history of celebrating Filipino culture and heritage with the Denver metropolitan community. FACC hosts community events at Bahay Kubo (community center), performs at festivals across Colorado, and shares culture at Heritage Camp. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, they have also decided to use their resources to help those who need it most: seniors from all walks of life, people experiencing homelessness, French-speaking citizens second and those who experience food insecurity.

The 27th Annual Philippine Festival is a fundraiser for the FACC community to enable them to continue their programs. They are a 100% volunteer-run organization and are committed to serving their FACC members and our Metro Denver community.

“The 27th Annual Philippine Festival is the best way to celebrate our culture and build meaningful connections with all community members and partners,” said FACC President Vivian Egonio-Norman.

For more information or to pre-pay for food and beverages, visit www.colorado-filipinos.org.

FACC leaflet

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