Brad Pitt gave Paula Yates a ring as a token of his infatuation



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September 19, 2021

Brad Pitt gave Paula Yates a ring as a “token of his infatuation”

American actor Brad Pitt is said to have been infatuated with late television personality Paula Yates.

Gerry Agar Fenell, a friend and former PR of Yates, said the Fight Club The star was “infatuated” with her and the two had a “flirtatious” relationship.

“Paula said Brad gave her the ring as a ‘mark of his infatuation’.” She told me there had been a lot of flirtation and he told her he loved her. I only remember Paula laughing about their time together, ”Fennell told the Daily Mail.

Yates died 21 years ago at the age of 41 from a drug overdose. One of the last people to see her life before her untimely death was singer Lily Allen, who was 15 at the time.

Allen referred to the reunion in his 2018 biography, My Thoughts Exactly, and said: “[The restaurant was] where everyone groovy in the media would meet to exchange gossip and network over lunch, drink and dinner. “

The singer said Yates “ate what was going to be one of her last meals – certainly her last in public – before she overdosed on heroin.”

“She was joined at lunch by this guy we all knew to be a heroin trafficker. They had left together. It was the saddest sight,” she added.


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