Babcock approved for enhanced drone missions in Spain



This decision by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency allows Babcock to fly its own light unmanned drone (LUA) in the country and extends its remit to flights in rural areas, night or day, and carries payloads emergency support of up to 5 kg per trip.

Additionally, due to Spain’s cross-border arrangements, Babcock is now allowed to fly across Spanish borders and to other European countries.

Transportation of medical equipment

The Babcock LUA is capable of flying autonomously for up to four hours, with the company considering its use in the emergency transport of medical equipment, including drugs, blood and cardio-protection systems.

Specifically, the approval was granted in light of the development of the LUA being directly informed by the Civil UAVs Initiative program, as requested by the client of Babcock, the innovation agency of the Galician government.

Jose Luis Saiz, Director of R&D at Babcock Spain, commented: With the EASA clearance now in place, we look forward to seeing how our LUA drone adds a new dimension to our emergency medical response in rural or difficult areas. access, or during flooding and extreme weather conditions. Babcock will continue to work closely with EASA to ensure the security of these complex operations. “

Babcock recently introduced 230 apprentices and 123 graduates to its UK teams who will work in specialist areas such as technology and innovation, business and project management, and manufacturing and engineering.


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