Andalusian driving schools complain about the lack of examiners

Andalusian driving schools complain about the lack of examiners. image: wikimedia

The Federal Union of Andalusian Driving Schools (UFAA) complains about the shortage of examiners in the provinces

Antonio Martin, president of the Federal Union of Andalusian Driving Schools (UFAA), on Monday 23 August, in a statement to Europe Press, underlined the shortage of examiners in Andalusian driving schools.

“We have asked for overtime to be leveled, but what has been achieved is that there are a number of interim reviewers who do not have the capacity to cover all the provinces affected by the long lists. waiting that suffocate us “, underlined the president. , reiterating that this delay “represents a serious problem in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Cadiz and Cordoba, even if it is a formidable situation which occurs throughout Spain”.

According to the president of the UFAA, the problem comes from a “structural error” because “there are no renewals” in the administrative sector due to retirements or losses, “it is a problem which is criticized every year, but this 2021 is above all noticeable because the delays have accumulated due to the pandemic problems ”.

Martin, is also president of the Provincial Association of Driving Schools of Malaga, and pointed out that in the province of Malaga “there are around 20,000 people” who have passed the theoretical exam and are waiting to take the exam. practice, after having duly completed their driving courses.

Jose Blas Valero, president of the Provincial Association of Driving Schools of Granada, also complained to Europe Press that “in the most requested months – July, August and September – it operates with ten examiners for the whole province, resulting in a backlog of over 15,000 students.”

Adding: “I have deplored this issue for 42 years and I have had meetings with different senators, but the administration repeats these same mistakes every year throughout Andalusia and Spain”.

Mr. Martin said that recently, students are taking exams “without adequate preparation”, due to a lack of money due to the pandemic, “the percentage of failures has increased in these two years, and it is due the fact that students enroll without having sufficient ability to perceive risk or make decisions while driving, for economic reasons, so I ask them to only take the test when their instructor recommends it, as the cost of driving ‘a failure is much higher’, as reported


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