Andalusia | With one month to go before the official start of summer, temperatures are set to soar in Andalucia this week

Summer starts early this year. / salas salvador

A heat wave, due to a mass of very hot subtropical air which is currently over North Africa, is on the way

There’s still a month to go before the official start of summer, but a heat wave is already on the way. On Monday, 14 provinces in Spain were on alert for temperatures of 30C or more, and weather agency Aemet warns that from today, Tuesday, the heat can be expected to start to rise, with thermometers above 40C in some inland areas from Friday. From.

Luis Fernando López, Aemet’s delegate in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, says temperatures will gradually rise by more than ten degrees Celsius.

The heat wave will particularly affect the Guadalquivir Valley, Cordoba, Seville and Jaén, which can all expect at least 40C, and Granada with a maximum of 39C.

“Coastal areas will be cooler,” says López, “reaching a maximum of 30C, or 35 in Almeria and Huelva.”

With those temperatures in sight for the end of the week, weather expert José Luis Escudero warns that the first yellow and orange heat alerts will almost certainly be issued.

“In the province of Malaga, temperatures in the regions of Antequera and Ronda will skyrocket,” he says on his blog Tormentos y Rayos. “The heat is due to a very hot subtropical air mass which is currently north of Africa and will rise up to the peninsula, helped by an anticyclonic ridge”.

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