An unknown couple and billionaire invest their fortune in America

As Americans increasingly ship everywhere, companies selling packaging materials and industrial supplies are doing better. You No one delivers more goods than 76-year-old Schlitz Bear Fortune heir Richard Uehlen and his wife, Elizabeth77, who started a business together called Uline in their basement in 1980.

The Wisconsin-based company, which he leads as CEO and chairman, respectively, Generates estimated annual sales of $6.1 billion, enough to be worth $4 billion eachAccording to Forbes estimates.

He may not be famous all over the country, but people know him in Washington D.C. Both have been donating to Republican campaigns since the 1990s.Contributes an average of approximately $15,000 per year as of 2009.

In 2010, the Supreme Court exploded efforts to limit political spending with its decision in Citizens United Vs. FEC and Certain Related Issues. The Uihleins have increased their giving every cycle since then, bringing in more than $190 million in total political donations.That’s more than anyone named Bloomberg, Steyer or Adelson.

In the last elections, Uihleins has donated over $70 million to various conservative causes, $30 million went to the Restoration PAC and the PAC of America, which spent $18 million trying to get Donald Trump re-elected. Another $27 million went to the free-market-focused Club for Growth, a favorite of billionaire mega-donor Jeff Yass.

Uihleins’ passion for politics also permeates his business., including corporate catalogs. Amid praise for her staff, boxes and bubble wrap, Elizabeth Uehlein poses the provocative question: Is America in decline? Is China taking over? Are we spending too much on welfare programs?

“Your family, your home, your garden, your little corner of the world – these are things you can control and improve,” he wrote in a letter. “You can’t fix everything, the world’s problems are bigger.” But with enough money, you can surely try.

power players in politics

Uihleins said he has donated $194 million to candidates and federal causes, the fourth highest billionaire in the United States:

  1. Michael Bloomberg donated $1.4 billion (including $1.1 billion to his campaign) to the Democratic Party.
  2. Tom Steyer: Donated $635 million (including $318 million to his campaign) to the Democratic Party.
  3. Sheldon and Miriam Adelson: They donated $537 million to the Republican Party.
  4. Richard and Elizabeth Uehlein: They donated $194 million to the Republican Party.
  5. George Soros has donated $189 million to the Democratic Party.

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