Alaba culture shock: I went to dinner at 8:00 p.m. and there was no one there


Ssince joining the club in summer, David Alaba quickly became an essential cog in the real Madrid machine. His rapid adaptation to Spanish football has greatly contributed to real Madridcurrent league leading position in LaLiga Santander and there is no sign of slowing down.

But life off the pitch was an even more difficult change, having left the German champions Bayern Munich on a free transfer.

“The schedule here is quite different and it has been a big change for me”, Alaba said in an interview with the German publication SZ.

“Especially in summer, life comes to a complete stop in the afternoon.

“When I was here early and wanted to have dinner, I would arrive at the restaurant at 8:00 PM and often sit alone. When I left, the first customers would arrive.”

This is often one of the biggest cultural shocks foreign gamers experience when they first settle in Spain, with most Europeans choosing to eat much earlier in the evening.

Another stumbling block for some new players is learning a completely different language in the chaos of knowing new players, the team and the style of football.

“This is extremely important and I still remember my time at Bayern the importance attached to integration into this type of club “, Alaba said, discussing how language barriers are handled within football clubs.

“The Bayern the physiotherapists have always encouraged me to speak with foreign players in German so that they can integrate as quickly as possible “

Carlo Ancelotti speaks perfect Spanish. But, everyone in Munich understood that too. Everyone spoke excellent English.

“He is a top notch person and brings an amazing experience. He loves his job and tries to continue to develop us as players so that we always play at the highest level. What impressed me the most, c ‘s how hungry he is to succeed. “

The Austrian praised his new club and his winning mentality, saying it has contributed immensely to his decision to join the Spanish giants.

real Madrid represent success in general “, Alaba noted.

“You notice it in the day-to-day work with the team and all the employees.

real Madrid are among the clubs that invest everything to be on top and this is especially seen in the Champions League. I believe that the attitude of real Madrid towards this competition will never change. “


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