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Adamari lopez Yes Tony costa Had a great relationship for over 10 years which was highly regarded by his thousands of fans Social WebsitesSo even though it’s been a few months since the split, a video recently posted to social media has added to that illusion, and it’s no surprise that many still want to see them together.

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The two separate emotionally, but their relationship as a family remains intact, as they do everything for their daughter Alayya, who continues to grow up and see her parents together, even though they are not as matched as they are. before. A clear example of what happened in Celebration of Kings.

Adamari Lopez, Tony Costa and their daughter share moments together as a happy family. (Photo: Adamari Lopez / Instagram).

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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa spent Kings Day together

Presenter of Nature TV Puerto Rico And the Spanish dancer decided to celebrate this day with a family and their little girl. In addition, Adamari Lopez took the opportunity to record a video that he posted on his Facebook account.

In the audiovisual material shared by Lopez, he hears a little about the feast of the Three Kings, which was celebrated in Mexico, where he lived for a long time, and in Spain – the country of Tommy Costa – where they share traditional dishes. .

As the photos show, they discovered Rosca de Reyes, one Mexican and the other Spanish, so Alaya was able to learn a bit more about the habits both parents have on specific dates.

“Hello, hello, my beautiful people. Rosca de Reyes is a tradition that brings back fond memories of my time in Mexico, and Tony Costa also celebrates it, in fact it was a very important day in Spain. I am very happy to be able to enjoy these traditions as a family. We had fun looking for the king and the bean. Who would have found them? “Adamari wrote.

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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa create tenderness on social networks

The video shared on social media excited many of his followers who had dreamed of seeing them together for a while as they always showed the best vibe when in a relationship for more than 10 years.

By the comments of the publication Facebook, hundreds of users wrote that they thought they were very beautiful together and that very soon they will be able to restart their relationship and create a beautiful family as happened until a few months ago.

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What is the Book of Kings?

Rice rosca is a dessert made from sweet flour originating in European countries, worse than that which reached Mexico during the conquest. It is associated with the religious aspects of Christmas and the Three Kings Day.

As far as we know, every January 6 is celebrated as the day when the Three Saints come to see the newly born Son of God, led by the famous Star of Bethlehem.

Its circular shape seeks to convey the love of God to all of its children, while the colors it gives symbolize the gifts that Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar brought to Jesus.

It is noteworthy that something hidden in the book in the form of a baby Jesus indicates that Joseph and Mary hid it from Herod, who ordered the murder of all the children because he knew that the Son of God was born.


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