5 fresh-cut flowers that will last longer in hot weather for bouquets and vases

With so many beautiful flowers blooming in the summer, there’s no better time to carve some of your favorite blooms into a bouquet to decorate your home. However, rising temperatures can mean flowers begin to wilt at a much faster rate.

“While flowers will need light to help them bloom, too much sun exposure can hasten their blooming process, which will shorten the life of your bouquets.

“Shady or cooler spots in the room can sometimes work well, but it really depends on the type of environment your flowers are likely to thrive in, so always check the care instructions for advice on placement. environment too.”

Like all plants, cut flowers need water to retain their beauty for as long as possible.

Mr Vorkapic said: “I would recommend changing the water every few days to keep your fresh flowers looking vibrant, if it’s particularly hot change as often as a day or two.

“Warm weather can promote the spread of certain bacteria, which can damage your bouquet, so also be sure to remove any dead leaves that may have become stuck in the vase to prevent this as much as possible.”

For even longer lasting presentations, expert Florward recommended adding a few dried flowers to your bouquet.

He told Express.co.uk: “You don’t always need the flowers that stand out in your summer vase displays either.

“Try fillers such as fresh lavender and thistle which can add variety to your bouquet and make them less vulnerable to heat.”

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